i endorse

These people keep me training everyday. Check them out!

My Diet Coach and Trainer Dani Taylor. 
She is a long time vegan and amazing personal trainer. I would recommend her to anyone but specifically women because she will understand your body! She makes personalized me plans for a very reasonable rate and can do online personal training for you no matter where you live.
You can reach Dani at veganproteins@yahoo.com 

Alex Payan, my Massage Therapist. 
Works on me every two to three weeks to make sure I am in good order and my body is happy. Alex is a dedicated vegan so all of the products used in his massage practice are vegan friendly. If you live in Seattle, you can reach him to schedule your next massage here!
Dr Jeff Dueck DC, CCSP 
Certified Active Release Technique Provider 
(ART)Certified Kinesio -Taping Provider
Functional Movement Systems Provider
Certified Graston Technique Provider
is my Chiropractor and general sports medicine doctor.  He is a GENIUS, and fixes me when I have weird shooting pains, or tingling limbs, or mobility issues- pretty much anything that is making me physically unable to workout. Go see Dr. D here!

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