Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mind games: Exercising my positivity muscle and coming in strong!

5 weeks and 2 days until stage day. Officially cutting for 18 weeks at this point...
When people think about bodybuilders getting ready for a show I think they empathize with the cardio, the lack of food, and the sacrifice of time... but I think most don't really see the mental struggle to stay positive, to fight the irritability the comes with lower calories, and the depression that self imposed deprivation can induce.
My big commitment to myself this year is to keep a good mental space and a positive frame of mind WHENEVER POSSIBLE! So far I think I have done well. Feeling super happy and positive, trying to keep my energy up, and really feel the gratitude I have about being given the ability and opportunity to compete in my chosen sport to promote veganism with my inspiring teammates.
I am about to head in to the 5th week from stage- in the past this has been a tough chunk of time for me... week 5-2 has traditionally really pushed me to my limits in regards to hunger, fatigue, and brain function. I am prepared as much as I can be and I am resolute that I will continue to strengthen my "attitude muscle" throughout these toughest weeks and get through this time with grace.
At this point my calories and carbs are lower than they have ever been but even though I feel hunger I welcome the cuts my genius coach sends me because I know that together we are going to take it to the next level this show and I will get to be a better example of a vegan athlete. I am so grateful for her guidance and bravery. I am also so lucky for the patience of my clients, sorry I am so often foggy or seem a little disconnected... and as always humbled and appreciative for the support of my friends and coworkers.
I had a great check in this week- probably my best yet, and have made strength gains steadily leading up to this point. Feeling strong and ready for more as we push forward through this last 38 days!
Here are some progress photos which I know you all love and also a request that you do something hippy-ish and send some energetic thoughts my way if you think of it. I may need them!
Macro Friendly Pizza

I am getting abs!

And Striations
I love flexible dieting!
Two year progress


  1. Great job, Sara! Sending lots of positive vibes your way! Question: how are you able to fit in ice cream during your cutting - do you save your macros in other areas and then fit in ice cream? Or do you do extra cardio later?

  2. nice progress! all the best for the competition! i'd be super interested in one or two of your recipes if you're allowed to share them!

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