Saturday, March 7, 2015

13 weeks out! Update- see what a vegan bodybuilder eats!

Appreciate THICK THIGHS- My current obsession= ADDUCTORS!
Well it's starting to get close! In my past experience the 12 week mark is when I start to notice differences in my body a lot more often. I am definitely ready for that! Getting excited to see what I have under this layer of fluff and present my last year and a half of work to you guys. Not to mention that after the last 11 weeks or so cutting I am so ready to feel like I have something to show for all that culinary discipline and cardio!
So how am I doing? Really well, for the most part. I am making efforts to reduce my life stress while my physical stress increases. I have been a bit of a hermit lately, staying in for the most part and even spending my breaks at work in the break room alone more often than not as opposed to out in the club- eating at the counter. I am feeling the need to conserve my energy and less able to handle a lot people at once. It just feels a little draining- so I save that energy for my clients and friends, but don't be offended if I send you a text expressing my love instead of wanting to go out or if I want to just go for a walk with you instead of going somewhere public. It is just what my body is asking for right now and it is keeping me feeling balanced and mellow. In addition I have my budget set tightly so money won't be a stressor and my work schedule a little more restricted. With my work schedule more tightened up I have been mostly able to reduce my waking hours by 1-2 so that I don't have as long to stretch my food out over. Just trying to take care of myself so I don't get sick this year and am able to keep up my intensity the whole duration of my prep.
This week my diet changed a little- I was able to hang on to higher calories for several weeks, but I saw my progress slow this last week so I knew that this week a cut was coming. However my coach must really love me because she gave me a great refeed day every few days and I am using it to satisfy all the cravings I have had over the last few weeks. I had nachos the other day (not a lot mind you, but enough that I was able to satisfy the need!) and I am making a single serving low sugar pie on tuesday. Berry pie has been on my mind a LOT lately!
I feel very fortunate that my schedule allows me a lot of access throughout the day to my home kitchen. In the past I have had to prepare all my food in advance, and take it with me for the day. Since most days I work splits and come home during the day I have the opportunity to prep food for each day as it comes. It is considerably more time consuming this way but luckily I love all things food related and being able to make each meal before I eat it gives me a lot of joy. It also allows me the freedom to chose what I want to eat on a daily basis, so I feel way less restricted than I have in the past. 
I have admittedly had very hungry and very drained moments, (you can ask my coworkers!) but so far it is not too bad. Making an effort to reduce my meals from 6 a day to 5 has helped a lot, so I feel more satisfied after I eat. Some days I am unable to stretch 5 meals over my day so I have been having a small protein pudding for breakfast to tide me over and it seems to be doing the trick. I cannot say how glad I am that my coach allows me the freedom to use flexible dieting during prep. I have not once yet this prep eaten sweet potato, asparagus, and baked tofu! Haha! Instead I am getting to eat foods I love and would chose to eat even if I wasn't cutting. Don't get tricked into thinking I have it too easy, none of these servings is large. The biggest meal I have had in weeks was around 400cal, and I average 300 cal a meal. So I make every meal delicious, and I don't suffer through day after day of the same boring "clean foods". I get lots of protein, more fruit than any previous cut, veggies, and still all the good stuff like pasta and bread. I know as calories become scarce I will choose to stop having as many of the fun foods in favor of food that is super filling, but for now I will enjoy the luxury of 24 baked tortilla chips!
Nachos with Sour Supreme and Salsa Dressing

Protein Waffle with no sugar added Coconut Ice Cream

Silver Dollar Protein Pancakes

Chocolate Protein Ice Cream with Cookie Crumbs

Protein Pudding with Cocoa Crispies and Strawberries

Low Fat Mac and Cheese

Mini Breakfast Protein Puddings


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Oatmeal from

Tofu Benedict

Coconut Milk Raspberry Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

High Protein Cheesecake Filling with Strawberries