Friday, August 2, 2013

Naturally Fit Super Show Recap!

I had a rough beginning of this week with some turmoil on the home-front but luckily the universe seemed to sense I needed a little extra love and I had a lot of amazing and heartwarming things come my way as well.
First thing to note is that I am so overwhelmed and inspired by all the kind comments and notes I have been receiving from friends and supporters letting me know that I am inspiring THEM and motivating them to lift heavier, or do better with their diets, or BECOME VEGAN! Wow, WOW! How awesome and rewarding it is to hear these things. It motivates me to work harder and do better over the next year so I can hope to really make a big impact in the fitness industry as an example of a vegan athlete in top condition.
Secondly I have been given a promotion by from friend and customer to family and employee! What an honor! I can't think of a small business I would rather get to work with and help to grow more than Vegan Proteins. So due to this you may see more frequent short posts on my personal blog directing you to posts on the Vegan Proteins blog that I wrote. I am hoping we will do some cooking demos as well!
You can read my full recap of the Austin Takeover Weekend here:
Blog Post
But I also wanted to add some things as a personal note on my own blog.
This year has been really life changing for me. I feel like I have discovered a passion in an area that has always been a hobby for me but that I never felt capable of making a career or lifestyle out of. Now I feel like it is a part of who I am and that I will be living the lifestyle of a competing natural bodybuilder for the next several years and that natural fitness and a more health focused diet will be in my future career for a long time to come.
Many of you know I teach cooking classes. I hope to integrate more performance based meals into my cooking classes in the future and maybe get my personal training certification over this next year as well so that I can start working with local plant based athletes (especially women!) who want to build mass and lift heavy!
I am working with Dani Taylor, my coach and Vegan Proteins Co-Owner to write a cookbook this year that is designed to work with the meal plans and diet programs she writes for her clients. I am ecstatic to apply my culinary creativity to this project and come up with lots of super healthy vegan meals.
I had a nice little binge for a few days but am back on a meal plan designed to increase my metabolism gradually over the next few months. By december I want it to be cranking so I can eat and eat and fuel some big muscles. The biggest challenge right now is not eating all of the chocolate that has somehow appeared in my life over the last several days. My building goals over the next year are to increase mass in my shoulders and abs, and work on changing the shape of my quads and hamstrings so that even though that area of my body holds the majority of my fat, they will still be a strong point for me next year when I compete again. I want to keep my body fat percentage under 15% over the winter while I build so that I won't have as far to drop when cutting season starts and I will be able to get leaner than I was this year.
I made some awesome trophy gains this year but the biggest win I have experienced is in all of the new friendships I have made and family I have gained in the process. I have a home at TPS alongside some super strong women (and men!) under the mentorship of the gracefully fierce Katy Wayman-White who has been competing in Natural Women's Bodybuilding for over 30 years and genuinely loves and promotes the sport. I am excited to learn so much from her and the other people I attend posing class with so that I can become a skilled and strong performer and showcase my body to the best of it's potential. I have a true family united by our passion to speak for the innocents in team Plant Built. I feel so bonded to this group and proud of what we have accomplished in just one season. I can't wait to be proud and inspired by what all of these amazing athletes achieve over the next year. I am especially hoping that I can get some more of the women to cross over into body building this year!
I have also made some really cool friends from the online community and some of them even live in my area so I am really hoping to be able to train a little with them this year and help those that are just coming into the world of physique competition to settle in and find their place.
I cannot say enough how grateful I am for the support both financially and emotionally I have been given this year from all of you and I hope I made you proud. I will continue to share photos and videos from the competition as I come across them so that you can get a look into the experience you helped to create.
I just want to give a quick mention of some of the companies that helped support the team and me personally this year, so that you know who to check out for businesses that give back to the community...
Vegan Proteins - Online Vegan Supplement Retailer
Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness - Online bb and fitness community and info hub
Plant Fusion - Premium Vegan Protein
Badass Power Cookie - Delicious baddass cookie
Engine 2 Diet - Plant based educational support community
Justin's Nut Butter - Mmmm nut butter
Brad's Raw Leafy Kale - Kale chip delight
Rhythm Superfoods - More delicious Kale
Just Pure Foods - Plant-Based snack foods
Eda-Zen - Edamame snacks
Beyond Fit Austin - Austin plant based gym
Bonebreaker Barbell - Plant powered hardcore gym in Kyle, Texas

I wanted to mention that also received a personal sponsorship from:
Mackay Manufacturing

Thank you so much to these businesses for supporting us!

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