Friday, May 31, 2013

8 weeks out, gofundme, and body fat test...

I am officially at my 8 week mark. Wow. It is pretty intense to think I only have 8 weeks left to achieve my physical and mental goals for this comp.
This last week I have been working on adjusting my mindset a little- the key focus being "letting go". As I get closer to competing I feel an increased urgency to lose fat and keep muscle, and get my posing perfect, and make the money I need to compete, and promote what I am doing to help animals... all of that and constantly stopping myself from reaching for my food and trying to ensure I get enough sleep. For the first week or so of cutting I wasn't seeing any difference in my body. I was having some digestive issues and was really bloated and that week led straight into my pms week so again I was bloated and basically giving up on ever having abs at that point. It's hard to not get panicky when you aren't seeing results for a period of time this close to the deadline. I was really starting to stress it- which doesn't help to lose fat. I had to take a step back and say "It isn't my job to worry about this. It is my job to do what my coach tells me and report my results accurately. It is her job to worry about my body composition. That is why I have her, to stay sane." I am making a major effort to genuinely commit to that mindset. Then today I was talking to my dad on the phone and he asked how my workouts were going. I told him I kinda had a bad week for workouts this last week. I have added more cardio, I am on a caloric deficit, and I always feel hungry and tired. He said "yeah, from this point on it is going to be like this. You just need to accept that the workouts aren't about the number on the weight right now, or having one of those big gain days. You are there to work your body, and as long as you are struggling to get the weight up you are having a good workout. You are going to feel weak and you may not make any increase in weight from here on out but as long as you are working you had a good workout."
So letting go and acceptance are my lessons this week. I just need to focus on each day as it comes. Do my best to stick to my meal plan, get my cardio, posing practice, and weight lifting in, and get good sleep at night. The chips will fall as they may but as long as I can say I did my best I need to be happy with that and just use my experience to learn for next time.
I did get a body fat test today since I am 8 weeks out- and that seemed like a good time. I have not lost as much fat as I had hoped to in the last few weeks but I blame that on the first two rough weeks of cutting I had. I feel like the last week and a half I have seen visible results every few days including a few new visible veins and more abs. The one good thing about my body composition results was that I seem to have gained a half pound of muscle... which apparently makes me a genetic freak. Everyone seems a little confused about how I can have decreased my caloric intake, added cardio, and still gained muscle. Fuck if I know... I just do what I am told.
The last thing of note is that I put up a GO FUND ME to help me raise some funds for myself, and Plant Built as a whole to get to Austin. If you enjoy my blog, and have a few dollars kicking around please toss me a few bucks. Even $5 is rad. I put up some incentives, like cookies, and dinner catering... so check it out!

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