Friday, May 17, 2013

10 weeks out!!!!

It is oh so close, yet so far away... I was due for my back progression shot on wednesday so I have kinda been getting antsy and excited for it the last few weeks. It is really hard to see my progress on a daily basis, I see little changes all the time- a new ab muscle showing, or veins becoming more prominent as my layer of fat beneath my skin melts away but overall I don't see change. That is the best part about the back progression series I have been doing- I actually get to see the change, and on an area I don't see daily. Without further ado:

Pretty cool right? Helps me to fight the grazing urge when I look at that. Now since I have 10 weeks left you can kinda use the panels to gauge where I will be in 10 weeks based on the change over every 6 weeks shown above. Smaller and more lumpy mostly ;)
I go to my first posing class this saturday. OH! I guess that is tomorrow! I am nervous and excited. I found an ideal posing coach, a female body builder with years of competing and judging experience in natural shows and a pro-card in the organization I will be competing in. I can't wait to meet her!
I haven't been posting as much as I should because I have had a busy few weeks trying to sort my finances, but I promise I will be better.
As the date looms closer I have been starting to have to make some sizable purchases for the competition. I am gonna ask you all for some help... 
Here's the scoop!

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