Monday, April 8, 2013

Out of the gym :(

 I supposed it was inevitable that I would at some point durning these 9 months face an injury that would take me out of the gym for a few days. I am grateful that it (seems like it) is minor. I am really missing my workouts though! Trying not to stress or be frustrated about missing time that I could be making gains and instead just be patient with my body and let it recover. Hoping that when I go back I will be fully recovered and ready to kill it! So I seem to have a pinched nerve or something in my back somewhere that is causing some tingling in my foot and maybe occasional muscle weakness in my lower leg. I can't tell if it is weakness or if it just feels shaky because the tingling sometimes moves into my lower leg. Either way, not rad, and I need it to get better. I have been getting some hot spots in my mid-upper back for a few weeks but I just started a new job that I know is contributing and I was hoping that in time my body would adjust and deal with it. Instead it seems to have gotten a little worse and for about a week now I have had tingling in my big toe on and off. On friday it progressed to my whole foot, and on saturday my lower leg a little. So I am on orders from my coach to stay out of the gym until it starts getting better, or I see a doctor. I have a call in to a sports med doctor my friend referred me to but I am kinda hoping it gets better on it's own because I am a poor single income dog mom. Doctors visits aren't in my budget. I have gotten a lot of good advice from doctor friends, massage friends, PT friends, and trainer friends and I am following all of it. Icing, stretching, anti-inflams, foam rolling, and core stabilizing exercises. I am also reducing my calories a little bit for the next few days so I don't fall behind with my bf goals while I am not in the gym. Really really hoping to be back in by wednesday at the latest!!!
In the meantime I am trying to stay focused on other things I can do to help prepare for the competition that don't require my body to work. I start officially cutting body fat next week and I know mentally I am going to need to be on my A game so I made this motivational poster for myself to help me stay on target. I left some space to add more stuff but I have the bulk of it down. I have progress photos, motivational memes I have been saving for months, photos of my favorite muscly ladies and photos of my friends that support my training. Also a few nice notes given to me. What inspires you in your training??
This wednesday I am scheduled to get one big cheat day before I start strict dieting. I will have to see if I still get the green light on this from my coach since I have been out of the gym a few days but my plan is to eat waffles with syrup AND pizza on wednesday... and lots of protein shakes- which I choose to eat on my cheat day because I looove them. Any other ideas for me?
Can't wait to get beck to the gym!!!

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