Saturday, April 20, 2013

just pumpin along...

 So I am back in the gym, as you know if you read my last update... I am on a high rep, short rest program, lifting as much as I can for 12-15 reps- which is pathetic by the way... Makes me feel really bad about myself when I collapse on the ground after 8 pushups. It is paying off though, it seems, because I am so swoll when I walk out of the gym that sometimes I can't bend my arms. I was sore for DAYS after my last leg workout. Just goes to show that anytime you start getting comfortable with a program it is time to switch it up. As evidence in the picture to the left of this text my shoulders are getting bigger and I am pretty happy about it. I have a lot of work to do- and I realize I am only going to get so far before this first competition, but I am feeling hopeful about how I will look after I cut. I just don't want to look small. That is my biggest concern, I don't want to look scrawny.
I've been seeing my chiropractor consistently since my hiatus and feel like I have a lot more mobility in my body than I did previously. We are working on my right shoulder right now, since I generally have chronic pain in it and it rolls forward. After that my goal is better chest and shoulder flexibility in general since I look like CT Fletcher when I squat with my hands practically on the plates!

As far as diet goes, I start cutting this tuesday. I got really lucky and got to push my cutting start day back a little because I was ahead with my pre-cut fat loss, but now it's time to get serious. I go in monday morning for a bodyfat test, just to see where I am at before I start my new diet. I don't think it will be much different than my last one as I don't see a lot of difference visibly, but my weight hasn't really changed and I think I have more muscle, so I might have less fat ;) that's how it works right?? Haha... My current workout has me feeling hungry ALL the TIME! So it has been hard to avoid extra snacks. I admit I have taken a few extra almonds here and there. I wrote a note to myself on the top of the jar to hopefully curb that.
I imagine when I actually start cutting and have to get serious I am going to have to put inspirational and threatening messages all over my kitchen to make sure I don't cheat. I know this portion of contest prep is all a mental fight. Ignoring your cravings and reaching a peace with hunger... I read a quote yesterday that I thought would really resonate in the next three months:
"If you're not suffering, you're not gonna get lean enough. That's what I've always thought. People ask me, 'How you feeling?' I say, 'I feel bad'. You're gonna feel bad if you're gonna get in good condition and I just know that's what it takes to get there and I'm willing to do what I have to do to get in this kind of conditioning." - Joe "the beast" Derousie
So I am thinking up little tricks to help me. Unfortunately sugar-free gum has been a fallback already. I know that the chemicals are horrible for me but sometimes when I am craving sweets just that little bit of satisfaction helps ease it. Also flavored lip balms and sweet smelling lotions and perfumes have been helping. I got a few new products this last week even though I couldn't really justify the expense. It feels nice to treat yourself to something sweet.
 In the meantime I am truly savoring my carbs- especially the berries which I hear I will be losing. I had a strawberry protein shake with my oats this morning and it was so so good. I don't take something like the flavor and natural sweetness of berries for granted at all anymore.

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