Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Back" in business

ok, horrible pun, I know! I saw a genius doctor who I will do a full post on later in the month and he totally put me on the road to recovery and told me I was good to work out. Seems I had several little issues that were coming to a head and creating what seemed like one BIG issue in my body. My feet tingling was most likely due to super tight Piriformus (surprise surprise, my giant butt muscles were tight) pressing on my sciatic nerve. He did some ACT on my piriformus among other things and the tingling in my feet is almost completely gone. Just a little here and there when I like hike up a big hill or something. He also worked on my back and shoulder and I have more mobility than I have in months. Again though, I will save the details for a full post later. Needless to say I am thrilled to be back in the gym and attacking my workouts with ferocity. I have moved into a new phase of my training, and if I didn't know better I would think Coach Taylor was trying to kill me. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger I guess ;) I am doing lower weights with high reps- which sounds like a walk in the park but instead equals feeling totally exhausted and like a wet noodle about half way through my workout. Little leftie is getting hit hard so I expect my biceps will be near symmetrical in no time!
This is me back in the gym and some dude is looking at me like "um why is this dumb girl taking pictures of herself at the gym?" oooor maybe he's thinking "what a babe, her back muscles are killer... I would ask her for her number but she is too intimidating" one of those two anyway...
Today is my back day and hopefully I don't undo all the good progress the doc made on me tuesday. I will just ice a lot and it will be cool. Blanche lives to help me with icing. And basically lives for any opportunity to lay on top of me so I can't get up and go anywhere.
Yesterday was my BIG CHEAT DAY! I asked my coach for one last chance to eat whatever I wanted before we start cutting and my wish was granted. I took a picture of my tummy in the morning incase it would never be the same again after my fun filled food day.  I ate what I wanted but tried to avoid refined sugar because I didn't want to have cravings for the rest of the week and have a sugar hangover.
Here is a little summary of my day and all the deliciousness it entailed!

Peanut Butter Toast and Kevita 
I still squeezed in 3 protein shakes... I love them 
Cinnamon oatmeal with sweetened almond milk
maximizing the peanut butter experience
Fucking Chips and Guac... that's right
"pre-workout" Waffle... I needed carbs
My handsome cheat day accomplice

My vegan canadian bacon and pineapple pizza on top,
his vegetarian garden pizza on bottom

Frozen banana and strawberry soft serve with
some coconut and sprinkles for good measure 

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