Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weekend in review, Kevita, EOW

Two of my favorite people!
This last weekend was super fun and productive but I am definitely still trying to recover and catch up on my sleep. Dani and Giacomo flew in on Thursday night and we stayed up too late catching up. Then friday we were up bright and early to go set up the Vegan Proteins booth at the Seattle Vegfest. After we got everything prepared for the big weekend ahead of us we ran home for a quick meal and then went to the gym for a work out.
Me and the coach
Vegan Muscle
It was my chest day and I didn't move anything too remarkable but it was still a good time. I got to show off my big kid weighted dips to my coach and get some hands on personal training. Saturday was another early morning and we had a long day at the fest followed by dinner at veggie grill. I got to sneak in a little cheat meal with Dani's permission and had the B-Wing Salad. So so good! The next day we were up early again and had a great day talking to people about vegan nutrition and protein supplements. Then when we were done we hit the gym for deadlifts. Super fun workout! Giacomo, Trevor, and I were all doing deadlifts in a rotation and I was able to hit a new personal best of 195lbs for 6 reps. Probably just showing off for Dani... 
135 for 6 :)
The gym is my happy place

195!!! Ugly lockout face!

We were up late again preparing veggies for a catering job I do and then after about 6 hours of sleep up early again to go drop off the catering and then go to the gym for my upper back workout. With Giacomo's help I did my first weighted pull ups, I completed 3 sets of 6 with a 5lb weight and did my other sets just body weight. Pretty cool! There were definitely times I thought I would never get to a weighted pull up, haha!
Sets of 6 pull-ups with a 5lb weight

After the gym I sadly dropped my friends at the airport and headed to work and back to regular life.Still catching up on sleep but feeling super super motivated to follow my meal plan perfectly and push myself every workout.
New favorite thing in the world!

The highlight of vegfest this year was a product I had never had before called Kevita. It is a sparkly probiotic drink made from non-dairy kefir and it is AMAZING. It is only about 10-20 calories per bottle and is packed with good digestive enhancers so not only am I allowed to have it on my diet, I am encouraged. The probiotics help to digest all the protein shakes I consume (not that I have any issues, my body LOVES protein shakes) but any excuse to drink what is pretty much a healthy soda is alright by me. I plan to have at least one of these a day between now and the competition. My favorite flavors are Lemon Cayenne, Coconut, Mango Coconut, and really, well, all of them. There is one flavor that has sugar so I skipped that one, but the rest are stevia sweetened.

For the exercise of the week this week I am just going to say THE WHOLE WEEKEND, and PUMPIN IT WITH FRIENDS. Every workout was awesome, I loved having Dani there to give me little tips and Giacomo to encourage me to go bigger. It was also really really cool for them to meet Trevor who is basically not only my most regular lifting buddy but also my in person coach... always helping me to work for better form and more weight.


  1. So great to hear that finding KeVita was the highlight of VegFest! Thanks for spreading the word about KeVita!

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