Thursday, March 14, 2013

Patience is a virtue... I don't have

omg... is that a cut starting to show on my hip??
I am definitely trying to practice it though. I realized this last week that by the time the competition hits I will have been prepping for it around 9 months... I am aware that as far as body building goes this isn't much time. Granted, I have been casually lifting on and off my whole life so it isn't as though I have started from scratch, but I haven't been working hard or towards a specific goal or even really pushing myself at all until now. So anyway 9 months... it hit me that I have never ever in my life done ANYTHING for 9 months that I gave this much focus and effort to. Prepping for this show has been the central focus of my life EVERY DAY since I decided to compete. I am either at the gym, planning my eating around the gym, shopping for food, prepping food, eating, scheduling my day for the gym, or getting enough sleep to make sure I recover, or doing laundry so I have clothes FOR THE GYM. Or now that it is getting closer I am spending time looking at posing videos, looking up female body builders and physique competitors, thinking about the music I am going to use for my posing routine... The long and the short of it is that I am so focused and driven to succeed at this- and by succeed I don't mean win, although winning is rad, I mean just show up and look as good as I can for my first show and make a statement for the animals. If nothing else I will be proud of myself for fully committing to something with ALL MY EFFORT for a long period of time.
You might be saying- but sara, you've been vegan and straight edge for over 14 years, what do you mean you've never fully committed and put in genuine effort for a long time before? Let's be honest here, that stuff wasn't hard for me once the ball was rolling. Those are things you just don't have to do... I don't have to drink, I don't eat certain things, but it doesn't take effort for me to not smoke a cigarette. At least not after a month or so... This is something I have to consciously put effort into everyday, and I am in the EASY phase still for another 2 weeks... once I have to add cardio and make my diet even more strict it will take a lot of forcing myself to do things I don't want to do... Oh willpower, how I don't have you... but I will.
The downside of this process is that nothing comes easy and nothing comes fast. So now I practice patience. I go weeks sometimes without noticing any real change to my body. Weeks of practicing a strict diet and spending 10-15 hours in the gym... but then I get the little reward of noticing a new muscle showing through or some contours in my body I didn't have before. Right now I am going through a period of riding the wave. I have 2 weeks til I start cutting, I am making very minute bf losses, I am in a strength building focus of training so not much mass gaining, and I just have to keep plugging along having faith in the fact that the effort I put in is paying off in small small ways that will add up over time. Sometimes when I need the reminder that things are happening and I just need to be patient I look at older photos of myself and I think "yep, BIG changes". That is reassuring. I am getting antsy to start cutting just so I can see things pop out more!
So I am proud of myself and the mental and physical determination I have been giving to this process. I think I am going to learn a lot and grow as a person from this experience- definitely more than I ever realized when I took it on.
Next wednesday I am planning on going in for the dunk. My body fat test at the gym with calipers measuring just my upper body read at 18% last week, so it will be very interesting to see what the reality is and just how much fat my juicy booty contributes to my overall fat percent. I am so thrilled to be spending time with my coach Dani and her fiance, my fellow competitor, and encourager, Giacomo, when they come to town next week for the Seattle Vegfest. It is going to be so awesome to work out with them and get a chance to have Dani assess me in person and give me some extra focus on my areas of weakness.
Oh! Exercise of the Week... hmmm this week it is tough. I am going to go with CALF PRESS. So I am doing seated calf presses twice a week right now. I am seeing way more size and definition in my calves and starting to (OMG) like my legs. I know right?!


  1. I know exactly what you are saying about focus related to xvx or something similar. Those things are easy, not a struggle. But what you are doing now is. Way to stick to it! Stoked for you.

    1. Thanks matt! I appreciate the encouragement!

  2. Good on you! I must point out, though, that you made an unfortunate misspelling of "assess" in your post.

    1. corrected! I am well known to be a horrific speller.