Thursday, March 21, 2013

Body Fat Test Update and more...

The results are in...

All I have to say is YAY!!!!
If you were with me from the beginning you might remember that I was given the goal of having my body fat between 17-20% by the end of this month so that going in to cutting I wouldn't be too far behind and have to lose so much fat so quickly. Losing slower makes it easier to maintain mass while you are cutting- plus makes you less cranky. So I made it with flying colors! I was preparing myself to hear 21% and hoping for 19-20 so when I got the results back I was ecstatic.
Doing the test was pretty interesting. You just submerge yourself in a tub with a weight across your legs on top of a scale. You breathe all your air out as hard as you can and they weigh you. You are weighed dry before starting the test so based on your two measurements they are able to deduce your body composition. I think the coolest part was finding out that I have 103lbs of lean mass and that my daily resting caloric demand is 1517. Knowing my caloric needs will help my fabulous coach to set my meal plan while I am cutting.

The other cool thing to happen this week was that we got our fliers made for the show. Our group co-ordinator worked his magic and got all sorts of awesome things set up with the event co-ordinator for the show and I am really really excited for the next few months. We got our website set up,, it doesn't have much up on it right now but in the next few weeks team member bios will be posted and merchandise will be available for purchase with the proceeds going towards our cost of promoting the group and veganism at the show this summer and onward.
I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Dani and Giacomo. They come in tonight and we will be spending the weekend working out and educating the public at the Seattle Vegfest about the wonders of vegan protein for an athletes diet. If you are near Seattle come visit us!
This weeks Exercise of the Week is DIPS! I know I have featured dips before but for the past few weeks I have been nursing a little shoulder pain and haven't been able to make any increases and last friday my shoulder was feeling good so I was able to break new ground. I did 8 sets 6 reps with the following weight: Body Weight- Body Weight- Plus 35lb- Plus 45lbs- Plus 55lbs- Plus 55lbs- Plus 55lbs- Last set Plus 55lb for 4, body weight for 6. Trevor got a video of my second to last set, unfortunately he missed my first rep but you get the idea :)


I added a new feature to my blog. On the right hand side you will now see a spot for recommended articles, and recommended videos. I will add more as I come across good ones. Check em out when you have time!


  1. congrats! this has me curious now for what bf percentage im at! excited for the site to come out with the clothing line! any way i can make an early order? ;)

    1. haha, no pre order yet but I will let you know as soon as I know they are available

  2. First and foremost, congratulations & fantastic job!! I just stumbled over here from the PF facebook, so hi! =] I was wondering if you log your daily meals anywhere so I could creep on them? Myfitnesspal I hope? haha

    1. hi and thanks! I don't post my meal plan only because I have a diet coach/trainer I work with who writes them for me so they are kinda her intellectual property. She is amazing and has very fair rates if you want to hit her up. Dani Taylor :)