Tuesday, February 19, 2013

photo update, snacks, EOW, and still time to win!

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Well I have almost exactly 5 weeks left until I start cutting fat. I have been getting tested with calipers once a month the past few months and have been showing a decrease in body fat but the number I have been given doesn't seem very accurate. We have just been testing my upper body and that isn't where my fat lives so I am going to say it is about 2% higher that I have been testing at. My guess is that I am right around 20-21%. So I have another month to loose at least 1%... I think I am right on track to be lined up with my goal percentage leading into the cutting phase. Here are some current upper body photos of me in my messy house...

So obviously some progress... More definition... My left arm is still lacking the quality of muscle my right has but it's a bit less apparent. I am extra happy with the improvement in my back. Things are happening :)
I am about to move into my last building phase of my workouts before I go to a conditioning period. I am really excited to see what kind of weight I can move in my compound lifts doing only 6 reps.
This week the Exercise of the Week is: Bent One Arm Dumbbell Rows on a bench aka Lawn Mowers aka Chainsaws. I know I sometimes don't hit this lift perfectly... I have to try really hard to focus on making my lats do the work instead of my arms, but when it all comes together it feels so good. Plus I hit a new personal best this week upping my weight to 60lbs for one of my sets of 8 and impressed my coach!
One last thing... On my current diet I have to make sure I eat every 2-3 hours... and I really try to do everything I can to make sure I eat the right meal at the time I am supposed to. Sometimes something comes up or I get stuck running errands longer than planned or I just get supper hungry all of a sudden so I try to keep some emergency food with me at all times. In the center console of the car, in my wallet, in my bag, in my gym bag... you get the idea. It is nice if these things are safe foods that fit into my diet and keep well for weeks at a time (in case I don't have an emergency for a while) and don't take up much space. My new favorite is this small pouch of cashew butter from artisana. This is really a tiny amount of cashew butter... only around 70 calories, but it also has blue algae added so there is a little extra protein, plus lemon oil and almond oil so it tastes great. It's just enough calories, fat, and protein to tide me over until I can get real food and at less than 100 calories I can easily omit some fat from later in my day to make up for this snack. I recommend it if you need something small you can just stick in your bag for a just in case situation.

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