Monday, February 4, 2013

massage and other stuff

I want to introduce you all to someone who helps my body stay healthy and happy during my 10+ hour a week workout routine. Meet Alex Payan!

Alex is a Licensed Massage Therapist here in Seattle. I get to visit him about once every two to three weeks for a sports/treatment massage at his apartment downtown. He works on a few body builders and is very good at finding the source of aches and pains and where the problem spot ACTUALLY is instead of just where you feel it. His routine care of my muscles helps me to manage injury and pain from overuse and regular muscle fatigue. Alex is also vegan and all the products he uses for massage are vegan so you don't have to worry or question him mid massage like "What did you just put on me? It doesn't have any lanolin in it? Beeswax?"
I think Alex gives great sports massage and stretch outs but he also does hot stone and relaxation massages for those of you who just want to treat yourselves. If you want to contact him and check out his rates you can find more here!
So anyway, I get massaged every few weeks then promptly go to the gym and undo all the hard work alex did fixing my body. I find it really helps, if nothing else, to make me aware of exactly where my problem spots are and then I can be more mindful of the way I am lifting and make sure I am being careful with my body. It also helps with mobility and circulation!
This week I decided to start a new thing. Every week I am going to pick an exercise I did during the week and call it the "exercise of the week" (yeah real creative, I know) and talk about it here. I will pick it based on how awesome I was at it that week... so if I just lifted really heavy, made big improvements, used to suck at it but finally got better, or just really enjoyed it, I may pick it.
This week the exercise of the week is DIPS!
I am choosing it because I have been doing dips since I first started training in november, initially doing them on a chair with my legs up on the couch and a weight in my lap. When I joined the big kid gym I started doing them assisted on the regular bars until I was gradually doing my body weight. Last week I did dips with a 10lb weight between my legs and put in 2 extra reps- and could have gone for more weight. I feel really proud of the progress I have made in this exercise and can't wait for dips again on tuesday so I can go BIGGER!

This wednesday is a measurement day for me. I try to take my measurements every two weeks to keep tabs on where I am. I have no idea how it will go. I don't feel like I have made much change in mass or body fat in the last few weeks, plus I am coming up on the crimson tide so I will probably be a little bloated and that may affect some of my numbers. I feel like I have gotten quite a few comments this last week that my arms and shoulders are looking bigger so I think that is awesome. I am getting a bit nervous that I am not going to have enough mass to really look exceptional for July. Just gotta keep going and try my best to put in hard workouts and stay on my diet. Also I got some good motivation this week from Trevor (aka boyfriend, aka disney prince arms)... Each day that I stick to my meal plan 100% I get a 30 minutes back rub/massage with lotion before bed. Super good reward.

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