Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Body Fat, Back Progression, and EOW

Sometime in the next month when I am a little less poor I am going to spend the 50 bucks and get my body fat tested in the dunk tank. If you haven't heard of it submersion, or hydrostatic, testing is supposed to be the most accurate way to test body fat, more so than calipers or the scale. Here is a little link on the different ways to measure body fat if you are interested in more details... There is a mobile unit that goes around the seattle area that you can get tested by... I will definitely do a write up about my experience if I do it.
Anyway, the whole point of that paragraph was to say that although I have no definitive accurate measurement of my body fat percentage at this time I can for certain say that it has gone down over the last three or four months. I want to have an accurate assessment before I begin cutting, but for now my progress photos are telling me I am on track.
I am seeing great progress in my back so I am posting this progression photo over a three month period of my back in about the same pose and about the same lighting. It isn't perfect but it is super motivating for me to see and I am really happy with the gains and losses I have made.
You can click on the picture to see full size I think... Clearly I am increasing muscle mass and definition. To me that really is the most rewarding part of losing body fat... I can see my muscles underneath better! I really can't wait until I start losing enough in my legs (where all my fat lives) so I can see leg muscle definition... That will be awesome!!!
This week the EOW is Deadlifts
Not because I am like so great at them or anything, but because this week they kicked my ass, or lower back- whatever, and I am STILL sore 3 days later. Being noticeably sore 3 days after a workout is uncommon for me. My workouts just changed and I am now doing MANY sets of one compound movement per workout, followed by some complementary isolation exercises.  I did 10 sets of 6 deadlifts this sunday and it wrecked me. In an awesome way. My progression was a really light warm up with no weight, then just the bar, followed by this weight per set 135lb 135lb 155lb 155lb 175lb 175lb 175lb 175lb 155lb 155lb. I did use straps for the second half of the workout, but my grip strength has improved tremendously from the days I was deadlifting 115 max. So yay for deadlifts... here is a great article that was shared on FB by someone (I can't remember who but thanks!) that breaks down the mechanics of a perfect deadlift if you want a refresher or are new to the lift.
Lastly, thanks to this blog update over at Vegan Muscle and Fitness the Naturally fit Super Show took notice of our vegan takeover and sent us a nice little welcome message and our groups co-ordinator contacted them and now we have a booth space to promote our message and spend some time educating the public on a vegan lifestyle! Radical!

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