Friday, January 4, 2013


Let's take a little peek into my mental state today ;)
I am 6 weeks into my new diet and entering my 4th week of my workout plan.
I am giving my coach an update tomorrow on my progress and one of the things she asked me to include were my feelings about how my meal plan and workouts were going. So I figured I should compile that.
Umm, this week has been kinda lame. The bummer about it is that I know this is just the beginning and the least hard it is going to be. For the first several weeks on my diet I was stoked... Thinking "wow! This isn't going to be hard at all! I get good food and I get to eat constantly, I am never going to be hungry!" but I don't know if it is because I am hormonal, or because it was just the holidays and I veered off track a little too far (I really didn't stray much), or if I had too many cheat meals featuring carbs, but this last week has been crappy. I am doing fine sticking to my plan, I have just been having lots of cravings and feeling extra hungry. All I could think about yesterday was chips... today it's chocolate pudding. 
The other part is that after a month and a half of eating pretty much the same thing every day I am getting a little bored. I need to commit some time to reviewing my plan and writing up alternate meals with the same macro values. So yeah, that's how eating is going. I am expecting that next week I will be fine and it's probably just PMS and the small amount of refined carbs I let myself have last week that are making my life miserable. This is just a tiny taste of what I will be going through when I start leaning out though... not looking forward to that. I need to post some inspirational pictures in my house of cows and other animals being slaughtered along with awesome female body builders to remind me why I am doing this and what I am aiming for.
As far as workouts go, in general I think I am doing really well. I have been doing high rep circuits for the last month though and I am super excited to be moving to lower reps starting next week. 12 reps is just far too many ;) I have had a few disappointing off days where I just wasn't feeling strong or I didn't time my eating right and burned out, but for the most part I have been making good strength increases and people who haven't seen me for a few weeks are telling me I look much more defined. I don't know if my mass is really increasing but it is hard to tell since I am slowly loosing a little body fat as well...
I will post some pictures and measurement updates next week and let you all know how that is going as well.

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