Thursday, January 24, 2013

boobs, bros, and building

Wow, alliteration... Anyway we officially decided which competition to attend so I know exactly how far out I am from competing now... I will mention it in each future post just to put in perspective where I am at as I approach d day.
We will be attending the Naturally Fit Super Show in Austin, Texas on July 26th and 27th. So I have 26 weeks until I step on stage. 6.5 months... Which means 2.5 months of mass building phase. That cutting phase is looming and I don't like it...

*** warning, women issues and boob talk below... not for the feint of heart male ***
First up on the agenda, boobs. I have been meaning to write a post about this for a few weeks but my friend Davin mentioned it on a FB Group forum today and it kinda reminded me to post. So I was trying to prepare myself for the inevitability of loosing some of my "womanly" figure. I knew it would and will continue to happen as I get closer to competition time. It doesn't change the fact that it is kind of an emotionally challenging thing to deal with. I have no idea why honestly... They are just boobs and they don't really do anything but sit on my chest and look cool, but somehow I had a psychological attachment to them. Well they aren't like completely gone yet, but I am beginning to lose some body fat (down around 4% since I first started) and I have noticed them getting smaller and mostly that I am losing fat from the upper portion of my breast, so they just don't look as full. For some reason it feels like a threat to my sexuality or feminine being, but mostly they just don't look as cool. It's fine and luckily my awesome boyfriend is super positive and reassuring about my body changing but it has been a little tough to accept. At least I still have the child bearing hips and butt, and I don't think those will leave even when I am at 10% body fat. So I retain some of my goddessness. Oh and I am getting a cool muscle cleavage line down my chest, it's kinda sexy really.

*** returning to the brozone ***
One thing I have been super grateful for over the last 2 and a half months are my gym bros. I haven't had a hard time staying motivated to go to the gym, I love going, but where I definitely notice my gym bros help is the encouragement to lift BIGGER and HEAVIER. I have made some awesome strength (and I am sure mass) gains over the last couple of months in no small part due to the motivation and gentle prodding by my gym bros. I need some female gym bros too, but I like these ones even though they are boys :) So gym bro appreciation post:

"Metal" Mike Chinn... Long time workout bro. Always hanging out with the weight bench while I do my circuits. J/K... He lifts some times too. Thanks Mike for always telling me to lift heavier and texting me to work out.

Boyfriend gym bro... Coolest thing ever to have a boyfriend who wants to lift with you and is down to spend 10 hours plus per week in the gym. Always pushes me to lift heavier, stretch, warm up (ick), and do one more rep. Understands that I need to eat every three hours and makes me protein shakes when I am in a hurry. Can not stress how rad Trevor Bebee is enough, even though he always wimps out on core stuff ;)

Dad gym bro... Even though I don't get to work out with my dad very often he still plays a super critical role in motivating me to go harder, stick to my diet, and get bigger. He checks in with me at least once a week to see how my workouts have been going and where I am with my measurements. Love you daddy, wouldn't be a gym rat if it weren't for you! So glad my parents raised me to believe muscles are feminine.

*** And now a progress update... ***
As of yesterday:
Weight 124.4
R Biceps 12 3/8
L Biceps 12
Right Forearm 10
Left forearm 10
Right thigh 22 1/4-20 (high spot and low spot)
Left thigh 22 1/4-20 (high spot and low spot)
Right and left Calf 14
Proper Waist 26.75
Pooch 30 1/4
High Butt 35 1/4
Hips/butt 37-37.5 (high point and low point)
Lats above breast 35.5 (bye boobs)
Wrist 5 5/8
Neck 12 3/4

Body fat is around 22 last I checked. I am trying to loose 2-4% in the next 2.5 months. As long as I stick to my meal plan it should be no problem.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Let's take a little peek into my mental state today ;)
I am 6 weeks into my new diet and entering my 4th week of my workout plan.
I am giving my coach an update tomorrow on my progress and one of the things she asked me to include were my feelings about how my meal plan and workouts were going. So I figured I should compile that.
Umm, this week has been kinda lame. The bummer about it is that I know this is just the beginning and the least hard it is going to be. For the first several weeks on my diet I was stoked... Thinking "wow! This isn't going to be hard at all! I get good food and I get to eat constantly, I am never going to be hungry!" but I don't know if it is because I am hormonal, or because it was just the holidays and I veered off track a little too far (I really didn't stray much), or if I had too many cheat meals featuring carbs, but this last week has been crappy. I am doing fine sticking to my plan, I have just been having lots of cravings and feeling extra hungry. All I could think about yesterday was chips... today it's chocolate pudding. 
The other part is that after a month and a half of eating pretty much the same thing every day I am getting a little bored. I need to commit some time to reviewing my plan and writing up alternate meals with the same macro values. So yeah, that's how eating is going. I am expecting that next week I will be fine and it's probably just PMS and the small amount of refined carbs I let myself have last week that are making my life miserable. This is just a tiny taste of what I will be going through when I start leaning out though... not looking forward to that. I need to post some inspirational pictures in my house of cows and other animals being slaughtered along with awesome female body builders to remind me why I am doing this and what I am aiming for.
As far as workouts go, in general I think I am doing really well. I have been doing high rep circuits for the last month though and I am super excited to be moving to lower reps starting next week. 12 reps is just far too many ;) I have had a few disappointing off days where I just wasn't feeling strong or I didn't time my eating right and burned out, but for the most part I have been making good strength increases and people who haven't seen me for a few weeks are telling me I look much more defined. I don't know if my mass is really increasing but it is hard to tell since I am slowly loosing a little body fat as well...
I will post some pictures and measurement updates next week and let you all know how that is going as well.