Tuesday, December 4, 2012

guess who's back... (back again)

well hello blog!
In 8 months I am going to be competing in my first body building show. If you've known me a while, or been following my blog, you probably know that my dad was a competitive body builder when I was young (making his return to the stage this year!) and that my sister and I have been lifting weights since we were old enough that he would let us go to the gym with him before school. You probably don't know that I have always been interested in competing but was hesitant and apprehensive because of the diet and the huge and rapid fat loss that has to occur to make you stage ready.
I am not much of a dieter... I am vegan but that's pretty much where I stop worrying about what or how much I eat. I eat pretty healthy because I LOVE vegetables and salad and don't care much for bread or grains, overly sweet things or processed foods. Having to follow a portion or calorie controlled diets is one of my biggest fears... I can get kinda obsessive about things and I am concerned this borders on eating disorder for me... That is part one of the reason I have never tried to compete.
Part two is a little more psychological. As much as I am always saying that women with muscles are more beautiful and all that (which I completely believe) I am also pretty cozy in my body as it stand now, aka with a butt, hips, and breasts... womanly. That AND I have a little bit of a small person complex. I am afraid if I get any smaller I will just disappear and be insignificant. So the idea of having to get down to 7-10% body fat is super scary.
Wanting to compete was always kinda waring with those other factors but I finally got a little push that was enough to make me take the plunge...
About three weeks ago my friend Giacomo from Vegan Proteins text me and said "Any interest in competing? Looks like we are going to have a ton of support together on this one next year" the idea being that he would organize a team of vegans to all compete in one show together and collectively make a huge statement for veganism and vegan athletes. If everyone comes through it will be amazing. Every one of us that steps on stage will have an announcer mentioning the word "vegan". 
Also for me it is exciting because I may be one of two women competing in the Body Building category (the other being the awesome Marcella Torres from Vegan Muscle and Fitness), as opposed to figure or bikini, and I am always complaining that there is currently this strongly supported stereotype within the vegan athletic crowd for the men to be big and strong and the women to be petite and dainty. I am so excited to get to be one of the two people who is going to be destroying that idea.

The way my diet works is that for the next 8 months I have to follow a pretty strict eating schedule- it's as much about when I eat as what I eat. No sugar, low carb, and lots and lots of protein. In 4 months I begin the cutting phase, which is where I start losing body fat. I have to loose about 15% body fat over 4 months. I won't be fun to be around... fair warning. The good thing is that I still get to eat giant salads, which is one of my favorite meals...
I am working with an awesome coach for my diet and exercise plan. Dani Taylor (from vegan proteins) is helping me to stay accountable to my diet and make sure I get all my macros and that I am able to get as low as I need to be to compete. If you are looking for a great personal trainer to hire I would recommend her! She has been vegan a long time and knows her stuff with both diet and training.
I plan to keep this blog updated regularly over the next 8 months for anyone who is interested in following my progress. 
So three weeks in to training and still working on getting firm with my diet. Here are my measurements...

Height: 4'11"
Weight: 124
Body fat: 24% (based on body fat scale)
Right Biceps: 12"
Left Biceps: 11.25" (eek)
Right and Left Forearm: 9.85"
Right and Left Thigh: 20.25"
Right and Left Calf: 14.5"
Proper Waist: 27"
Low Hips: 38.5"
Lat circumference: 36"
Wrist: 5.75"
Neck: (forgot to write this down, will edit it later)


  1. its a great idea to get a personal trainer! ive been thinking of it as well but mostly thinking about learning the knowledge myself and maybe be the one helping people out

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