Friday, May 18, 2012

I really have been working out... I promise

So normally when I haven't updated in a while it is because I have been slacking and have nothing to report... but this time is different. I have just slacked on blogging. For the last two months or so I have been pretty consistent with my activity level... I have been doing a decent amount of lifting, cardio several times a week, and also fun stuff like trapeze and tennis. I was seeing a slight difference in tone, but no drop in weight or body fat. I guess I am realizing that now into my 30's it is a little harder to trim down than it used to be. I am taking somewhat drastic measures and have decided to go on a calorie restricted diet. Don't worry, nothing crazy, plus I get to eat my workout calories, but it has really put some things in perspective. I had no realistic idea about how much I was eating... I think that before I was dating the hummingbird my natural diet kept me within a reasonable caloric intake range. Now that I have this bad influence (<3) in my life I have to be a bit more careful. We eat out a lot and at the types of places where it is hard to choose a healthy option. We also always have sweets around, and as I have mentioned he like to feed them to me. So by recording my food intake I am able to actually gauge what I am putting in my body. Definitely eye opening. Since I have started I have lost just over 2% body fat. It feels good to finally be affecting some change in my body, and to gained some control over my body fat. I am aiming to get down to where I was in my mid 20's which I feel was a good, moderate place for my body to be in. Here is a fun little trapeze video :)