Monday, March 26, 2012

The value of keeping a training log

So I am back at it again... If I ever worked out consistently for more than 3 months at a time I would be very proud of myself. I am trying to get in a super regular/reasonable routine so that I will keep with it through the summer, or at least until skateboarding season is in full swing ;)
My current motivator is actually my workout log. I made a spreadsheet that is tailored specifically to my current routine and it has graphs that show me my progress from week to week. I can't wait for each next workout to watch my weight lifted to go up. My goals are to gain strength and mass, and drop fat- which will happen without effort as long as I am working out regularly.

I plan to adjust my workout and specific exercises every 4 weeks or so for now but that may change as I see how I am progressing. I like repeating specific exercises for a few weeks to see improvement but I don't know if I will keep it at four weeks, maybe just 2. I was trying to keep my spreadsheet from getting too complicated.
I am really looking forward to being able to look back at it in a few months and see where I started versus where I am at that point. Anyone else find logging to be as helpful as I do?

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