Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have been having a really hard time staying motivated to work out this month. I will be doing fine for a little while and diligently working out daily, but then something will come up that throws me off and it will take days to get back on track...
Here are a few tricks I have employed to try to get myself to work out...
- bribery -
If you do x, then you get to do y
- guilt -
I can't believe you are trying to not work out today! What have you done? Layed on the couch and read? Reeeeaal healthy lazy bones...
- fear -
You are getting totally out of shape and squishy! How much harder is it to bounce back when you get waaaay out of shape. Better get back on top of it now!
- kindness -
You feel so much better emotionally and physically when you work out regularly, so you should definitely get on that... First thing tomorrow!
- competitive spirit -
So and so looks awesome and is super strong, do you want to be left in the dust?!
- embarrassment -
You have to wear a bathing suit in a month... 'nuff said.

That last one seems to be the only one capable of working. So good thing my BFF Stacey is having her birthday party at a waterpark next month. I have 5 weeks to loose like 5% body fat... Probably not realistic but at least I have a goal.
Plus thanks to the glorious weather I may be able to get a few bonus workouts in with an early skateboarding season! Yay!
I am also gonna turn some focus onto my diet by recording all the food I eat this week and at the end of the week add things up and see what I need more or less of. Just having to acknowledge what goes in to your body tends to make one a little more pious in regards to nutrition.
Last thing... I am considering that what I really might need is to join some kind of structured/scheduled group or class so I have someone else to be accountable to. I am also really poor though so paying a monthly membership might be tough. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations for a good local crossfit or similar gym?

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  1. I'm feeling the same way since the new year. I've had a million reasons not to go running (it's too hot, I'm tired, not enough time to get a "good" workout, I ran out of sunscreen, it's to dark, too early) I mean, a MILLION!
    I just joined the gym and now I can go at anytime of the day/night.
    I'm on my 4th day today. I feel like life makes sense again.
    Now that I'm spending money, I feel more accountable. I hate wasting money!
    Good luck on your goal, you can do it!