Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello September, goodbye 20's

Sorry for my absence, but I am pretty much writing august off... I got NOTHING (work, workout related) done, except for a few days of training for Mighty-O at the very end. I didn't really work out, I didn't eat healthy, I didn't do any work on my cookbook, website, or blog... but here's what I did get done ;)

3 Waterparks
2 Road Trips- One being a tour with my band
Boyfriends Birthday
Turned 30
2 Strawberry Milkshakes
Returned to the Skateparks
Visited Oakland for 4 hours
Ate at Millennium
Went to Utah
Read 30 Young Adult Paranormal Fiction "Novels"

So now that it is no longer the celebration of the month of my 30th year on the planet, I suppose I should start getting some work done and make good progress on my next decade. 20's: I can't say you were always good to me, but we saw some shit and I will never forget our time together. Can't say I am sad to see you go, other than I'll miss not having wrinkles and grey hair. 30's: What's up! Let's get gnarly!
Later this week you can expect to see an interview with Vegan Straightedge (ooh, like me!) Bodybuilder Ed Bauer, who was inspired to start lifting weights by his Dad (again, just like me! I like him already). Check back in for that and some other cool interviews coming up next week.

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