Friday, August 5, 2011

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So... the body building competition was AWESOME! No really, our vegan brethren did us proud and it was great to hang out and cheer with some of my favorite vegan fitness pals. If you have never witnessed a body building comp or exhibition I recommend checking it out, the hard work and intense dieting those ladies and gentlemen go through to become life sized action figures is pretty remarkable and impressive. Anyhow, I asked the two vegans who competed Ed Bauer and Derek Tresize along with Marcella Torres, a female body builder, to do an interview for me for this blog. Yay! So coming soon you will get tons of juicy details about the life and times of a competitive vegan body builder!
In the meantime I will fill you in on my life and times... My 90 days of p90x has concluded. It is a little disappointing that I fell off towards the end, due to injury, but I still feel really good about it overall.
Here is a little reminder of my goals I made when I was starting the program:

"I would like to lose about 6% body fat and am ok with my weight, but wouldn't mind going down 5 lbs or so. Mostly I just want to tone key areas ;) So there it is folks, the brutal truth! I know it could be worse... Mostly I look forward to seeing an increase in strength and endurance- aiming to do 3-5 unassisted pull-ups and making my arms and shoulders MASSIVE!"

My results:
I am down about 2% body fat... this has been pretty tough admittedly. I know some of the reasons why I didn't get lower- poor diet at times and inconsistent workout with all my little injuries and tattoo breaks. I have lost a about 2 lbs as well- not too concerned about weight... Obviously my arms have gotten a little bigger (and I got a tan, haha) but I am not quite MASSIVE, yet. The best news is that I can now do 4 unassisted reverse grip chin ups! Wooohooo! Feeling pretty good about that. I jumped right back in to another cycle of the p90x earlier this week. I am skipping most of the cardio and subbing in walks and low impact activities until my dumb ankle gets better. Man, that is a sure sign of aging... 10 years ago my ankle would have been completely better in a week. I did my first leg workout in weeks today- just a light one, but it felt good.
My band is doing a mini tour next week and we are playing outside of portland... we have been planning for over a month to hit newberg skate park (mecca) while we are down there and I AM skating. Even if I have to sit on my board and roll around.
6 pack challenge... It is going ok. I am doing my core workouts but I have definitely gained back a little bit of belly fat in the last few weeks of taking time off from cardio. So you can't see that I have been doing my core workouts ;) but it is under there, I promise. Hope to have it showing a little bit by september 2nd.
I turn 30 in 19 days... I want to feel like I am in great shape. Guess I have some work to do... How is everyone else doing?

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