Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Injury is the enemy

So it never fails that once I get a little bit ahead, or even on track, with my fitness I inevitably injure myself. That's life though, and in an effort to make fitness a lifestyle and not an occasional binge I am trying not to stress about it, give my body the time off it needs, and get back on the wagon as quickly as possible within my limitations. A week ago I sprained my stupid ankle skateboarding. Not like a nice mellow sprain that you can walk on the next day either, more like a gnarly torn ligament. Hummingbird had to show off his man strength and carry me fireman style out of the bowl cause I couldn't put weight on it. Ladies, let me advise you- it never hurts to keep a dude around that can pick you up and carry you if an emergency arises...

This week vs. a week ago... better by the day

Anyway, if you know me, you know I have a real hard time sitting still, but I realize the best thing to do in this situation is to and elevate, so I did. My coping mechanism has been to lock myself into the world of young adult paranormal fiction- and I think I've read almost every YAPF book under $5 that amazon has for kindle in the last 5 days... Well at least 24 books or so. See my recent purchases if you are in the market ;)
Anyhow yesterday, a little stir crazy, I decided to see if I had lost all ability to do a pull up in the last week of no physical activity, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was actually able to do 5 reverse grip chin ups (the kind where your palms face you). So yay me. Apparently giving yourself a week off isn't always a bad thing. You might be saying "sara, if your foot was hurt why didn't you try to just do an upper-body workout?" Here's the thing- 1) my foot was literally so bad that I couldn't stand on it for more than a few minutes, let alone add weight to the equation. If I were to stumble a little bit or step wrong it wouldn't have been pretty. I suppose I could have done a seated workout like an old person but 2) if you haven't picked up on it yet I'm kinda lazy, so if too many obstacles are put in my way I tend to slack.
Today I decided I'd been lazy long enough, and that it was time to start making my ankle do a little work so I did a short chest and back workout, and stopped early when my ankle told me it had enough- I am trying to listen to it so I don't aggravate it more. It felt good to use my muscles again and I was instantly in a better mood.
It made me think about a conversation I had with a lovely lady who writes the blog Illustrated Women, a few weeks back... She was saying she now shuns formal exercise after getting heavily into crossfit and developing what she felt was an unhealthy relationship with fitness. I could definitely see where she was coming from and relate as I really tend to be an all or nothing kind of girl and have seen myself go overboard more than once... I definitely don't want to repeat her experience, but it also made me think about and realize how important it is for MY mental and physical health that I keep a regular exercise routine and stay active. I'm prone to depression and reclusiveness, and especially during my "lady times" it is super important for me to release my anxiety, nervous energy, and good brain chemicals through a tough workout. When I don't, I notice myself getting a little bit, well, not "myself". Plus I find the regularity of having a routine to be very grounding and stabilizing for me. It's nice to remind myself when I'm feeling a little grumpy and anxious that a run, walk, or good weight session will probably take me out of my doldrums.
My ankle is (agonizingly) slowly getting better. I can almost fake like I don't have a limp now. I really really want to be skating again by the weekend, but we will see. After I nearly took myself out trying to jog through an intersection the other night I am feeling a little more cautious. If I'm not quite ready and I try to skate and step off my board the wrong way I will just end up laid up for another week. It is so frustrating to get behind though, I have some serious progress goals in mind! The bright side is that all my other little scratches and dings are being given a chance to heal up so by the time I go back I should be in right proper shape.
Needless to say, I've been a bad six pack challenger this last week. How about you? Anyone run across a cool new core exercise we all need to try?

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