Saturday, July 2, 2011

I was asking for it... 6 pack contest

After my last blog post where I casually threw out that the only way I would make myself do an ab workout was if someone challenged me to a contest, I was immediately challenged. I guess I was asking for it. We made this Sunday our deadline for taking our photos. The contest is open to everyone, so if you would like to join us we would be more than happy to not be the only ones showing our half naked bodies to the internet.
Even if you don't feel like sharing photos feel free to join in on your own :)
If you do want to participate here are the photo details: They should be of mid-section only from top of the solar plexus to right below the pelvic bones (as low as is tasteful, haha) and there should be a front and side profile photo taken with decent lighting in a relaxed but not slouchy position. In two months we will take after photos wearing the same clothes and in the same lighting as the original photos, no diuretics cheaters! We are also advising taking measurements at natural waist and lower abdomen, but you don't need to share those if you don't want to- they are more to have a concrete measurement of your progress. Currently we are just looking at most improved, but if a bunch of other people want to join in we will look at adding some other categories.
The main point of this contest is to challenge us to step up our already solid workout routines and active lifestyles to increase our focus on our core and stabilizing regions, and help us to improve our athletic performance. (But even if you are just starting to workout we want you to play!) Due to this, exercises should focus on full core and not just on the front area of your stomach...
Exercise guidelines: no fixed weight machines for abs like those in at home or on-sight gyms. No traditional crunches/sit-ups. Allowed exercises: Any compound lifting and weight training, bodyweight exercises, and full body synergistic movements. Basically just don't lay on your back and crunch up- it isn't good for your neck or back and doesn't actually strengthen much of your core.
To help clarify: side v-ups, full range of motion exercise ball exercises, yoga poses like boat, medicine ball exercises, are all allowed... just not standard sit-ups.
Here's the idea, via Coleen "There's really something to be said for opting to build functional strength that challenges ALL your core muscles vs. Traditional ab focused exercises" Get it?
Send your before photos to me at I will post them here next week. If you hear about this a little late but still want to join the contest feel free- you will just have less time to workout.

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  1. Okay so I'm totally in!

    My Xgym membership is about to expire, but I might be doing *some* machine based workouts there during the challenge. All the ab stuff is on the floor, bosu, or ball though. But that's only for another couple weeks. After that I'm on my own.

    Sweet! this is just what I need to get back on track!!!