Monday, June 20, 2011

skatecation 2011

Just got home last night from an impromptu skate trip down to oregon with my boyfriend and my best friend chris. We had a great time and skated a bunch, so I am hoping that made up for the junk I ate on the trip. I am going to try to force out a leg workout today if I can work up the willpower, my legs feel like they are made out of rusty metal. I feel like skateboarding the last week straight was already kinda a leg workout, but I know it wasn't very well rounded. For the moment skateboarding has almost completely taken over as my cardio exercise, which is fine, it is more fun anyway...
On wednesday I leave for colorado for 5 days. I am going out there for work but I plan to bring my p90x (on recovery week thankfully so I won't need weights) and my skateboard with me. I want to make sure I don't just end up with a full week of no activity.
Almost to the 60 day mark of my workout program. I haven't been following it very diligently, but I have for sure become more active and increased my fitness- which was my goal, so even if I don't see huge results at the end of the 90 days I will feel pretty happy with myself. I turn 30 in august and it would be awesome to feel like I was in great shape and super healthy.

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