Monday, June 27, 2011

60 day update...

I'll admit, it has been a little longer than 60 days since I started working out again, but with the missed days along the way, today actually marks the 60th day of the p90x program. So we are going to say it is a 60 day update.

While I am aware that is is one of the most flattering poses for my body I still feel proud of the progress I am making. The last 3 weeks of switching up my routine a bit has helped a lot. The last WEEK of cutting out most sugar has helped even more. I was in colorado for about 5 days and it was basically a sugar cleanse for me. Without the hummingbird there to constantly offer me bites of sweets I was able to make it through the sugar cravings to the point where I no longer wanted it. Unless I am in serious low blood sugar mode- which I know just means I need to eat and a piece of fruit is a great start. I feel like I lost a noticeable amount of body fat just in the last few days from kicking the junk. I have been trying to keep my calories up, but eat a lot more vegetables and greens. It feels good. I have more energy and feel way less bloated.
Being in Colorado was cool. I saw so many healthy looking, active people, which was super inspirational. I know seattle has a lot of active healthy people but what was different I think was that a lot of women had noticeable muscle mass, I don't see that as much here and I thought it was really cool. I was on the recovery week of p90x- which is supposed to be a few days of stretching and yoga, some core workouts, and the more mellow cardio program. I kinda scrapped it. I did the stretching routine once and just skated every day. It was SO hot there and with all the driving and work I had to do I didn't really feel like doing my p90x in the hotel room. I did try to get a decent amount of exercise in though. I woke up early, skated a bunch and enjoyed the morning beauty colorado had to offer, went to work, then locked myself in the air-conditioned hotel room until it cooled down enough to go out and find some dinner. Kinda a nice relaxing trip- other than I missed the dog and the boy.
My goals for the next thirty days are to lift heavier, skate as much as possible, and keep off the sugar. I feel like if I stick to that I am going to be pretty satisfied with my 3 months of p90x. Today I did 63 more push ups than I did the first week of the program. Hell fucking yes.


  1. Ow Ow! Sara you look awesome! I can totally see a difference. How awesome are we, we both went on vacation and actually DROPPED bodyfat...I don't think a lot of people could make that claim. :-) And 63 more pushups is BAD-ASS! I am pretty sure we're t about the exact same point in the program now!

  2. Yeah baby! look at those arms! Wow! I just got back from lifting, so this is super inspiration to me. Your abs are smokin'! I'm still at 27 pushups... it's my fault for skippin' days.. but one day, one day! :)

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