Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A guiltless confession...

Or why I don't do sit-ups and you don't have to either...
So I have to confess I only did the ab ripper workout for about 2 weeks in the middle of the program. I think I hate sit ups. At first I was like "I am just starting the program, I am going to give myself a break for a few weeks before I start doing the ab workout." Then I felt a little guilty because I knew I was just being lazy, so I did it a few times... Then I was like "It takes too much time, and I am too tired from the rest of my workout" and I would try and put it on my cardio days. Then I just quit it altogether. I have an injury that prevents me from rolling on my tailbone, so I was using that as an excuse to skip a few of the exercises... but the reality is I am kinda lazy and I don't like doing an entire 15 minute workout just on my stomach. The good news is that I don't really think doing a stomach workout is necessary.

I am only really bringing this up because the other day someone told me that my stomach looked great. Granted I don't have a six pack, and I won't at this rate, but unless it is really important to you to have super visible muscle definition in your stomach it is completely unnecessary to do a bunch of stomach specific exercises. What IS important is to have a strong core that supports your body and allows you to do other exercises correctly. I feel like I get all the core workout I need through push-ups, skating, singing, upper and lower body weight training, bike riding, etc. I just focus on keeping my core solid and using correct form when doing everything else. I do really like the core synergistic workout in the p90x series... That is how I prefer to strengthen my lower back and stomach- it feels so much more organic. So basically I am just here to give you permission to skip the sit-ups if you hate them and confess that I am a slacker. Oh, and the only way I think you could get me to do an ab workout is if someone were to challenge me to a six pack challenge... or something like that. Just throwing that out there...

Monday, June 27, 2011

60 day update...

I'll admit, it has been a little longer than 60 days since I started working out again, but with the missed days along the way, today actually marks the 60th day of the p90x program. So we are going to say it is a 60 day update.

While I am aware that is is one of the most flattering poses for my body I still feel proud of the progress I am making. The last 3 weeks of switching up my routine a bit has helped a lot. The last WEEK of cutting out most sugar has helped even more. I was in colorado for about 5 days and it was basically a sugar cleanse for me. Without the hummingbird there to constantly offer me bites of sweets I was able to make it through the sugar cravings to the point where I no longer wanted it. Unless I am in serious low blood sugar mode- which I know just means I need to eat and a piece of fruit is a great start. I feel like I lost a noticeable amount of body fat just in the last few days from kicking the junk. I have been trying to keep my calories up, but eat a lot more vegetables and greens. It feels good. I have more energy and feel way less bloated.
Being in Colorado was cool. I saw so many healthy looking, active people, which was super inspirational. I know seattle has a lot of active healthy people but what was different I think was that a lot of women had noticeable muscle mass, I don't see that as much here and I thought it was really cool. I was on the recovery week of p90x- which is supposed to be a few days of stretching and yoga, some core workouts, and the more mellow cardio program. I kinda scrapped it. I did the stretching routine once and just skated every day. It was SO hot there and with all the driving and work I had to do I didn't really feel like doing my p90x in the hotel room. I did try to get a decent amount of exercise in though. I woke up early, skated a bunch and enjoyed the morning beauty colorado had to offer, went to work, then locked myself in the air-conditioned hotel room until it cooled down enough to go out and find some dinner. Kinda a nice relaxing trip- other than I missed the dog and the boy.
My goals for the next thirty days are to lift heavier, skate as much as possible, and keep off the sugar. I feel like if I stick to that I am going to be pretty satisfied with my 3 months of p90x. Today I did 63 more push ups than I did the first week of the program. Hell fucking yes.

Monday, June 20, 2011

skatecation 2011

Just got home last night from an impromptu skate trip down to oregon with my boyfriend and my best friend chris. We had a great time and skated a bunch, so I am hoping that made up for the junk I ate on the trip. I am going to try to force out a leg workout today if I can work up the willpower, my legs feel like they are made out of rusty metal. I feel like skateboarding the last week straight was already kinda a leg workout, but I know it wasn't very well rounded. For the moment skateboarding has almost completely taken over as my cardio exercise, which is fine, it is more fun anyway...
On wednesday I leave for colorado for 5 days. I am going out there for work but I plan to bring my p90x (on recovery week thankfully so I won't need weights) and my skateboard with me. I want to make sure I don't just end up with a full week of no activity.
Almost to the 60 day mark of my workout program. I haven't been following it very diligently, but I have for sure become more active and increased my fitness- which was my goal, so even if I don't see huge results at the end of the 90 days I will feel pretty happy with myself. I turn 30 in august and it would be awesome to feel like I was in great shape and super healthy.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Directions...

If you read my last post you know I was feeling some frustration with my results so far from the last month and a half of working out like a mad woman. I was feeling like I was putting a lot more in than I was getting out of my workouts... I received a lot of encouragement and some sage words of advise and I have been reevaluating and restructuring my plan over the last week or so- hence why you haven't heard from me. I have been working on figuring it all out so I have something to report.
One thing I realized was that I was ignoring my own advise:
Girls- lift big or go home. I had been acting a bit timid when it came to lifting and going for less weight with more reps. I don't know why really... maybe that same fear that's placed in most girls brains about getting bulky... Let's face it, I am already bulky. Better to be bulky and have really firm muscle and less body fat than be bulky with soft muscle and pudge, I say. I have been upping my weight and lowering my reps... I found that in some cases I was lifting at half my ability! So 8-12 reps (still playing with weight a little bit to stick closer to the 8-10 mark) and as much weight as I can pull with good form.
I had a large variance in advice about cardio... from some people saying don't do it at all, you can get all your cardio through your weight lifting sessions to people advising to double the amount of cardio I was doing, and everywhere in between. Where I have ended up falling within that spectrum is right in the middle. I think I am actually doing just a little more than before... Instead of sticking strictly to the p90x plan I am adding in more normal active fun stuff that brings up my heart rate and increases my endurance. I have been skateboarding a few times a week, and of course still rollerskating once a week or so and trying to get out for more walks with the dog.
All my best boy friends are skateboarders and since its summertime and the weather is getting nicer they have been going a lot more. I have been refusing to learn to skateboard for quite a while now for a few reasons, but have finally given in and I am having a really good time, and getting a lot of bruises. I am so stubborn and I hate being bad at things... and you know, at almost 30, coming late into the game, I really feel like I am getting too old to learn something that takes so many years to get good at.... especially something that is so hard on a body. Also, I rode bmx for a good couple of years so skateboarders are my natural enemy ;) Regardless of all that, I am having a great time and just trying to go early to the parks before no one else is there so I can suck without anyone but my friends seeing. I have good girl friend who skates with a bunch of other girls and as soon as I am good enough to actually pick more up I am planning on going with her so she can school me and bang me up a bit.
I have been loosening up a little with my workout schedule- if I have a day where I skate for a few hours and then roller-skate that night I am taking the day off doing an actual workout... it's feeling pretty good so far and in the last week or two I have noticed a little more muscle definition which I am attributing to loss of body fat. Maybe. Whatever...
The other thing I think has been holding me back is just general life stress... I am feeling a bit crazy and hormonal and a little lost in my life right now and it is making me all kinds of anxious and insecure. I know I just need to stick it out and hang in there and wait for things to sort out a bit- but in the mean time I have for sure been having some rough patches. Nothing helps me more than being active and getting endorphins and serotonin going in my body- not to mention releasing anxiety and nervous energy. It's probably one of the few things that's keeping me from falling into a miserable depression. So yay for exercise! Thanks for reading and being such great supporters. Your input is super motivating and inspiring.

... baby steps