Tuesday, May 31, 2011

picking it up...

Congratulations to Dani and Giacomo over at Vegan Proteins for doing so awesome in their first 30 days of p90x! Is anyone else that reads my little blog recording their current workout progress? I would love to see it! Please share with me if you are...
I was already feeling a little discouraged about my physical results so far, so seeing their very noticeable improvements over 30 days just emphasized to me that I need to switch some stuff up and get moving towards my goals. I am bummed that I have missed so many days so far of my workout between vacation and foot healing. My foot still isn't completely unhurty- and I am still having to modify my workouts a little and take it easy in some places. I will be really glad when it finishes healing! I have identified a few culprits impeding my progress... One is all the breaks- obviously you don't see consistent results when you aren't consistently working out. Number two is this guy here...

Meet my boyfriend, the hummingbird. I am sure you all know someone who could remain fit and trim on a diet of pure sugar... no? I do. Aren't guys supposed to hit a point in their lives where they can no longer eat whatever they want and they have to work to stay skinny? I thought so... Not this one. He literally eats sugar with every meal. He drinks juice and sugary beverages all day long. Good for him, but he also loves to share them with me... candy, cookies, juice, chocolate, you name it. I need to be firm and just say no to the juice. I don't believe in giving up all treats but I do think you should eat at least 90% of your calories in healthy, nutritionally dense foods, and bottled juice is a waste of my 10%. So boyfriend... stop feeding me junk food! Except chocolate... you can still feed me chocolate.
The bottom line is that I am working WAY to hard to not see a drop in body fat, and it has been really miniscule. My body fat scale isn't reading very accurately since my foot is still a little swollen and retaining fluid (the scales sends an "electrical current up through one foot to the waist, then down the other leg to measure how much body fat a person has. Since fat is a poor conductor of electricity compared with water (the main component of muscles, liver, brain, etc.), the current flows more slowly through fat tissue. Using complex formulas that include age, sex, height, and activity level, the devices -- Tanita and HoMedics are the big players -- can thus calculate what percent of a person's weight is attributable to fat.") So I am going on visual observation alone... and let me tell you, it's not impressive. What is reassuring is that I am feeling stronger, I can now, once again, do two pull ups unassisted- which was where I was at last summer when I was in shape. When I started in april I couldn't do any. I can do hella pushups, and not those "girl" ones either, and I am making it through the long boring yoga routine like a champ.
So my new strategy is to stop letting my boyfriend feed me so much junk food, try and pick up my intensity in my current workout schedule, and possibly add in some extra cardio on my lifting days. Gonna do some research on that and see what other people have done. I don't like running, so I am going to try and avoid that at all costs. I also know that there have been a lot of days where I haven't been eating enough... realizing at the end of the day that I only had 2-3 meals... no good. I'm gonna work on fixing that.
Again, if anyone is documenting their workout progress, I would love love love to see it... help keep me inspired!


  1. I wouldn't add more cardio! You would only be burning the muscle you are trying to put on. More muscle plus good diet=Less fat. I would suggest adding weight to your program, 2.5 or 5lbs each week. Adding weight=getting stronger. When your muscle is stronger it looks harder and gives you the look you want. If you are adding weight every week to your P90X and you are still feeling frustrated you might want to consider doing another program. I only say this because you mentioned your schedule and like most people its just unrealistic to workout everyday, and the P90X Is designed to work as long as you follow its guidelines of workout almost everyday. Just something to keep in mind, if you stop seeing results.

  2. Right now I am doing moderate weight with fatigue at 15 reps... would you advise lowering my reps and upping weight? I don't want to lift harder than I am able to while maintaining proper form...

  3. also, my thought with the additional cardio was that I did an alternative cardio workout today- instead of the p90x ply- cause I didn't want to jump like crazy on my foot and it was super brutal and satisfying. I sweat like crazy and felt like I obviously need to be in better cardiovascular shape... So I thought about adding some more in... Another alternative would just be getting some ankle/wrist weights for my current p90x cardio

  4. Here are some sites I think will be helpful and motivating.
    "Forget About Your “Beach Muscles”
    While different exercises strengthen different muscles, they all rely on the limitations of a single recovery system. In addition, functional strength is about much more than how much weight you can lift with a single muscle. It’s about how effectively you can incorporate your muscles into basic movement patterns. For these reasons, properly executed compound movements such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, pulls, and presses are preferable because they train multiple muscle groups and movement patterns and conserve energy and recovery capacity by doing so through fewer exercises."
    This should just give you a really good idea of why sometimes it will work and why eventually you might plateau. And why certain compound movements ( Deadlift, military or push press, bench, squat, cleans, dips, push-ups, pull-ups) will give you more effective results in the long run.
    I Know how much you care about living a healthy lifestyle and I respect anyone who continues to search for the answers to achieve such a lifestyle.

  5. I just like p90x cause I can do it at home and they do all the work as far as setting up the program... I for sure realize it has flaws- but I find it more realistic that I will STICK with it than if I were to go to a gym to work out. I will check out those links for sure though. Thanks missy.

  6. You are correct form is the most important thing! When you are confident about your form then add weight. And yes more weight less reps.
    Maybe adding a good dumbbell complex day instead of a cardio day. This will improve your endurance and is a great conditioning workout And will also help build muscle. Plus there is no jumping around involved. Here is a Great one.
    I would suggest you do all 5 rounds in a row! This means never putting down the weight like they do (so start with a light weight) If you feel you have to take breaks between rounds thats fine just stay with the weight till you can do all 5 rounds without putting the weight down. ONce you achieve this then go up in weight, increase weight every week or every other week. The workout is 5 DB Deadlifts, 5 DB cleans (you can do them without the jump) 5 DB push press, 5 DB squats, For 5 Rounds. I promise this will kick your ass and you will love it!!!! Just by looking at you I would start with 2 15 Dumbbells.

  7. I totally understand the appeal I just want you to have all the info just incase you feel your getting stuck and losing momentum. That its always good to change the program to work for you!!!!.

  8. Thanks, this kind of specific instruction is very helpful. I will switch out one of the cardio days next week and add this in to see how it goes. I am definitely not opposed to alternative workouts, I just rely on this one because of the simplicity and variety. xo

  9. I just wrote a big long comment that i accidentally deleted. ugh.

    What I was saying was that I havent lost a single goddamn pound--not one, so all changes in my body have been an increase of muscle and decrease of fat. But my bodyfat scale is not budging...which tells me that it is wrong. Bodyfat scales are really finicky. The best way to measure progress imo is to take measurements. I don't go measurement crazy, but waist and hips are usually enough to show any progress.

    As for the weights, I agree with Candace to go heavier and work in the 8-10 range for larger muscle groups (lats, shoulders, pecs, legs) and stay in the 12-15 range for smaller ones (bent over flys, scarecrows, and even in my case triceps) The reason being is that although they say go 8-10 for "size", women's muscles just don't grow that much without lots of help from scary supplements. But even if they grow a little bit, those muscles burn sooo many more calories than fat does, that you basically turn yourself into a fat burning machine even while you're at rest. But higher reps for the small muscle groups, just because they're kind of delicate, and one bad rep can damage them for a looong time (ask giacomo!)

    And YES do I know about men who can stay fit no matter what. Giacomo had a six pack in 10 fricken days! WHAT THE HELL! Best advice I have for diet is to just write it down. Even if you dont have a specific plan, just writing down what you eat gives you so much perspective.

    I'll hopefully be blogging tonight! Keep up the awesome work!!

  10. :-/ Hay Sara... I look towards you for inspiration. Remember, you put us onto giving p90x a whirl. You did it before, you can do it again :-) Different body composition female vs male and the different results they breed can be discouraging at times but you are doing pushups and pull ups again! There are going to be setbacks, days missed that could not have been avoided. You'll get it. Heck, I had 2 years of setbacks. Sometimes it is just like that. For those of us, like yourself, that know health and wellness is a way of life, you'll always come back to it. So I know you are po'ed with the dumb scale and not getting different results but i'm happy to see you making adjustments that will push you past the plateau. You're hardcore and it's a pleasure to follow your progress and cheer on the sidelines. Also, thanks much for the shout outs you keep throwing our way. Much appreciated.


  11. I am 100% on board with ya in regards to stop allowing significant others to feed us junk! I always have such great days of wholesome, healthy eating, then I get home & Josh has all sorts of sweet treats around! I tell ya what, they just don't understand how sugar impacts a woman's diet!