Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daddy's Girl

So, you all know I like working out and have an interest in bodybuilding, nutrition, and general fitness... what you don't know is that I have been lifting casually on and off for about 17 years and that I get my fitness obsession from my dad.

I took this photo of my dad this morning, he was in town last night and stayed over before heading back to eastern washington this morning. My dad just turned 61 and could still give most guys a run for their money when it comes to strength AND size. He wanted the disclaimer that he is seriously out of shape and has been out of the gym for about a month- hence the diminished biceps... pfft
My dad was a competitive body builder for several years while I was growing up so I got to see him go through the long hours at the gym, working through injuries, 2 torn rotator cuffs, crazy diets with their corresponding mood swings, and constant drive to get bigger and stronger. I am proud to say that my dad never used steroids and got all his muscle naturally.
My sister and I started working out with him as soon as we were old enough that he would let us lift. Around 12, I think. We would get up early before school and go in with him to work out a few days a week. We were both very lucky to be genetically gifted with his body type, although she has always put on size more easily than me. (I say gifted as far as bodybuilding, maybe not so gifted if we had wanted to be competitive runners!) I have no interest in ever being a competitive fitness model, or body builder myself, as I feel the diet, loss of body fat, and orange tan, are all too extreme and unhealthy for me- being the obsessive extremist I know I am... I would prefer instead to be a strong, healthy example of a fit vegan women- so that is what I work for. It sure feels nice to be getting stronger and slowly be adding some size though...

Thanks dad for instilling this desire and drive in me, and always encouraging me to be strong and healthy, eat well, and not be afraid that having muscles would make me less feminine. Oh! And for the great genes ;)
I am going to leave you with this great lesson my dad gave me, that has always helped me in bodybuilding and life:
Take the one exercise that you hate, that you struggle with, that your form sucks and you feel weak... and make that exercise your favorite. Spend extra time on it, pay critical attention to your form, do it even when you aren't working that muscle group. Pretty soon that will be your favorite exercise and you'll wonder why it was ever so hard.

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