Saturday, May 7, 2011

Before/progress photos... etc

So, inspired by Dani and Giacomo I decided I should take and post some before photos so we can all see if I make progress with my workout. I am 16 days in to this 90 day cycle already so there have already been SOME improvements. I am not quite as brave as them so you won't catch me in a bathing suit, but I got as skimpy as I could ;)

I would like to lose about 6% body fat and am ok with my weight, but wouldn't mind going down 5 lbs or so. Mostly I just want to tone key areas ;) So there it is folks, the brutal truth! I know it could be worse... Mostly I look forward to seeing an increase in strength and endurance- aiming to do 3-5 unassisted pull-ups and making my arms and shoulders MASSIVE!
Does anyone one else have a plant powered workout blog or journal they would like me to share here? I also recently added my friend Rebecca's blog and the Vegan Muscle blog (home of the most epic body building photos with swords ever) so check em out!

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