Saturday, April 23, 2011

spring is in the air

... and you know what that means: BATHING SUIT SEASON is just around the corner. As if you needed another reason to pick up the pace and shed those extra 5-10 winter pounds, it is finally getting warm and you may need to start wearing shorts soon. Ok well maybe you didn't get lazy this winter, stop working out completely, bake cookies for months on end in an attempt to make your boyfriend gain weight then end up eating more than he did, and lose all your muscle tone, but I did.
I recently came upon some extra money and have decided to cut back at work a little and focus on writing my first cookbook. This also means I have a bit more time to focus on getting back into shape and being the best vegan machine I can be. I thought it would be nice to take you guys along for the ride and at the same time start a nice base recipe bank for my second cookbook (you'd think I would at least make some progress on the first before thinking about the second) which will be named after this blog, and focus on an athletic vegan diet.
SO, I am about 4 work outs in to getting back into shapedom, and I am going to post some before photos here... Yes, I realize I have a lot of clothes on, I am about to run out the door, but I know if I don't take the pictures now it could be weeks.

So here are some before photos for now, I will try to put up some more soon that actually show a bit more of my body so we will have something to gauge progress against. I will be going the p90x route for the next 3 months- a no fail trim down routine and a great option for someone with my body type because the "classic" program can build nice round muscle mass.
Anyone else have some spring time shape up ambitions? What are your plans?

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