Tuesday, October 26, 2010

why the new blog?

Well... it goes something like this... I guess I wanted to maintain the integrity of my raw food blog by leaving it a raw food blog and not tainting it with this other aspect of vegan eating. So Eatin' Raw is still there, though rarely updated, and you can still go check it out for yummy raw recipes... and in fact I may update it a little more often if I manage to keep up on this one.
Lately I have had many friends who are either interested in eating more vegan food or in trying to increase the nutritional density of their vegan diets ask me for recipes or advice. I figured enough people were asking that it would be a good idea to just type it all once and call it a day. So that is what you are going to find here. Advice on vegan sports nutrition (from a completely unqualified source!), recipes for nutritionally dense vegan food, maybe some information on weight training and muscle conditioning, and maybe some totally unhealthy vegan desserts just for fun.
One of the coolest parts about this blog for me is that I hope to encourage other girls/women to increase their strength and muscle mass on a vegan diet. Boys too... but vegan girls tend to have a stereo-type of being weak, thin, and willowy, and I am fully prepared to smash that myth. So, welcome to lean. mean. vegan machine.
Hope you enjoy!